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Morry shows you how to make better use of your time by first making a list of motivated sellers, then techniques to effectively knock on their doors. Don’t waste time and park your car, then go around blindly knocking door to door. Use targeted lists, and leverage Google Maps to save you hundreds of wasted hours.

For more information and resources, visit:

DONTWORRYCALLMORRY.COM, videos and resources for all of your real estate marketing needs.

SUCCESSORSDATA.COM, inheritance real estate property data & probate leads for realtors & investors.

AREAZOOM.COM, discover millions of properties & access ownership data.

PROBATELEADS.COM, your best resource for finding probate court filing information.

IQDIAL.COM, a premium auto-dialing system that increases your productivity by letting you spend more time talking to leads and less time dialing.

EASYEXCELAUTOMATION.COM, Excel tools to help streamline your business, increase your productivity & save you money.